March 31, 2023

GiliSoft File Lock Pro 14.4.0 Crack With  Registration Code Free Download Latest 2023

GiliSoft File Lock Pro 14.4.0 Crack is a strong and secure tool that allows you to conceal your documents, movies, and photographs while also password-protecting other files.

It works with both Windows and Mac operating systems. With a single click of the “Hide Files” button, you may conceal your personal information. “Drag and Drop” functionalities are completely supported.

GiliSoft File Lock Pro Crack Final Release is a sophisticated piece of software that can encrypt your files, folders, documents, photographs, videos, and a variety of other forms of data.

The program can swiftly synchronize files, securely transmit data, and is expandable to the scale of your organization’s network.

GiliSoft File Lock Pro Crack safeguards your data from loss, hackers, and other threats. To ensure the security of contents stored on a hard disk drive or other portable media such as USB drives, the program employs 256-bit AES encryption standards.

GiliSoft File Lock Pro Full Version comes with an easy-to-use user interface and a plethora of data security and encryption capabilities.

GiliSoft File Lock Pro 14.4.0 Keygen 2023 License Key Full Setup 

GiliSoft File Lock Pro 14.4.0 Registration Key allows you to conceal certain files and folders on a local or external device. You can effortlessly handle your files in a trustworthy manner.

The interface contains a navigation panel that allows you to quickly access all available choices, as well as a panel where you may see the information.

By choosing this item and pressing the “Hide files” button, you may hide files, folders, and drives from other users. There includes batch processing as well as a “drag and drop” capability.

These are highly important features since they allow you to handle your files more quickly. When attempting to refuse to read or write particular documents, the method is identical.

This allows the cracker to go through all of your folders and create a unique serial key that can be used to open them all.

This is required because if some of your folders are passwordprotected, the program may be unable to access them. This is why you must be able to bypass password protection in order to access your critical data.

There is also a software key maker with the Gilisoft File Lock Pro Crack that will allow you to produce a master key that will be required every time you need it.

This will allow you to reopen all of your files and safeguard yourself from any future harmful behavior. If you work from home, this is a significant benefit since you won’t be sitting at home watching your personal information, papers, and other sensitive material being taken online.

Gilisoft File Lock 14.4.0 Patch Portable With Latest Version Download

The safe delete feature in File Lock Pro overwrites the file’s storage region on the disc and removes it from the file system, rendering it unrecoverable.

When you encrypt a file, the contents of that file become unreadable. Encryption can be done in two ways: into a program-specific key and into a program-specific key.

Encrypting a file or directory necessitates a password distinct from your File Lock Pro password. As File Lock Pro encrypts your data, a notice will display.

After you’ve encrypted your files, you may decrypt them by clicking on them and inputting your password, output directory, and other parameters.

You can only lock up those records and organizers with a lot of work. Gilisoft File Locker Serial Number This application provides you with a place in which to address any difficulties or concerns. Using those recordings or envelopes, you may surely channel them.Working with GiliSoft File Lock Pro - YouTube

Similarly, it gives you a glimpse of the alternative. With this option, you can readily find your information reports, images, recordings, and organizers in which you efficiently store and cloak your information. We may successfully present this application without filling out any application structure.

Latest Features in GiliSoft File Lock:

Hide the file:

  • You may conceal specific files, folders, and drives, including network drives, from the view of other users by using the features in this module. For example, you may need to conceal a file. Add an object to the list, check the box, and set the status to “hidden,” and it will be safely concealed. The same may be said for individual folders or disks.

The file is being locked:

  • This method does not conceal things in the same way that hiding File tools do; it merely prevents access to them in reading mode. When you open an individual file, such as an image or text document, you will most likely get a denial of access or an error, but if it is a directory or a partition, the application will prompt you for a password. The one you specified at the start of the installation. You will be unable to remove, move, or duplicate the protected item as usual. Even the well-known Unlocker will not assist you here.

Write is denied:

  • We’re not going to stop there. In write mode, it acts in the same way as Deny Read-only.

Data Encryption:

  • It may encrypt data and folders on an HDD disk or other portable media, such as USB devices. It wraps and encrypts a folder into an executable (.exe file) using the AES encryption technique. You may use this way to encrypt essential data and then transfer it over the network or in another manner to be utilized on a system that does not have Gili File Lock Pro.

Safe Delete:

  • Gili File Lock Pro lets you completely wipe sensitive data from your hard disk by overwriting it with carefully picked patterns numerous times. If you securely wipe data from your drive, no one can retrieve it. Gili File Lock Pro is password-protected software, which means there is no other way to run or uninstall it if you do not know the password.

Advanced Configuration:

  • It provides us with an advanced setting option through which we may configure our files and folders.

Disk Cleaner and File Shredder:

  • File Shredder is a useful program for deleting single or numerous files with a single click. Using this tool will save you both time and space. It also includes a disk cleaner, which employs a corrupt algorithm to delete any disk’s excess space.

Monitoring a folder or a disk:

  • It can monitor every file, folder, and sub-folder for any changes, such as renaming, writing, and so on.


  • Without a password, no one can delete this software. You can also keep this software hidden. If someone enters the erroneous password more than five times, your default email address will be notified. It will temporarily disable anonymous login information.

Very simple to use:

  • It offers an easy-to-use UI. It enables you to protect your folders and file drives using a password. By dragging and dropping files or folders into the main application, you may lock them. When you forget your password, you can retrieve it by using the default email address.

What’s New in GiliSoft File Lock Pro 14.4

    • The updated user interface.
    • safer and more secure
    • Updates are not stated.
    • Fixes for bugs.
    • GiliSoft File Lock Pro is a full-service file lock and encryption program with a slew of added features.
    • You are granted access to a Military Grade Encryption Tool, which allows you to easily encrypt files and folders. It has the ability to conceal your file folders and drives, making them read-only and safeguarding them with password protection. You may also lock folders on your internal hard disk, flash drive, external USB drive, thumb drive, memory card, pen drive, and network drive.

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